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Work Life Balance During COVID

Angela and Jonathan have a spontaneous discussion about work life balance during COVID. Also, we're taking questions.

Building a Team While Building a Product

Angela opens up about how it feels to be adding team members while being in the midst of building the product.

Remote Work During Covid

From remote work to asynchronous work to mental health, Jonathan and Angela delve into Two Story Robot's remote-first work and how they responded to the pandemic.

Taking a break this week

We're taking this week off and catching our breaths. See you next week!

Why Say No to Money and Bootstrap?

Raising money or bootstrapping?

What's Keeping Angela Up At Night?

Privacy by Design w/ Chris Foster

We talk about end to end encryption with our first guest. Chris Foster, CTO of Two Story Robot, takes us on a deep dive into cryptography.

Design Sprints

We spent 3 days doing a remote design sprint. It was intense, chaotic, productive, and a lot of fun.

Financial Supports for Canadian Tech

Everyone's favourite topic: Non-dilutive financing and tax incentives!

The product development journey of Clinnect

Like any overnight success, Clinnect is 3 years in the making. We look back at how Clinnect came to be. Also, we got new mics!

Who is Angela and Jonathan?

Angela and Jonathan share a bit about who they are and their different backgrounds

How do we price a digital health product?

How do you price a new digital health product? We're not exactly sure, but it's probably not free.

Launching with Silly Bugs

We launched Clinnect to a small group of test customers with a few small bugs that our first user encountered right away. What does Clinnect do for this group of primary care providers and specialists?

Backlogs and Fax Machines

Surgeries are backlogged. What are referrals? Can we fix the fax?

Fixing Faxes... a teaser

A teaser of our first podcast, Fixing Faxes. We'll be launching in a week or two, so subscribe to this feed to get the first episode when it is published.

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