Fixing Faxes... a teaser

A teaser of our first podcast, Fixing Faxes. We'll be launching in a week or two, so subscribe to this feed to get the first episode when it is published.
A teaser of our first podcast, Fixing Faxes. We'll be launching in a week or two, so subscribe to this feed to get the first episode when it is published.

Show Notes:

We have come up with a name since recording this teaser. Our show is called Fixing Faxes, which will make more sense after the first episode, we promise.

Fact check: In this episode Angela mentions adverse statistics regarding female tech founders and age, stating 'there is a lot of statistics showing that tech founders are typically under the age of 35'. We wanted to make sure this wasn't a flippant remark, and the statistics support what she said:

Paul Graham from Y Combinator once quipped “The cutoff in investors’ heads is 32,” Graham says. “After 32, they start to be a little skeptical.” A UK study found that the average age of founders to be 34 years old, who received >30M in funding. While venture capital does not typically favour older founders, there is some evidence contrary to what Angela said; the Harvard Business Review found that founders average age is 42 with 45 being the age of the most successful founders.

On the note of being a female founder; according to the Silicon Valley Bank only 1 in 4 start-ups have at least 1 female founder, when there is a female founder then there is a 50% likelihood there is a female CEO but for the other 75% of startups it is only a likelihood of 5% there will be a female CEO. Forbes noted "In 2018, just 20.3% of all deals and 17.9% of funding went to companies with at least one female founder. So far this year, 88.8% of all venture capital deals have gone to companies with a male CEO."

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Produced and Hosted by Jonathan Bowers and Angela Hapke
Music by Andrew Codeman (CC BY 3.0)


Jonathan: [00:00:00] We still don't have a name. That's fine. We should, we should come up with a name though. We can record that in later, but
Angela: [00:00:07] Don't you think people like authors who write books, they don't start with a name.
Jonathan: [00:00:11] No, you don't say, "oh, here's 'Pride and Prejudice' that's a great name,
now what should I write about?"
Angela: [00:00:20] We don't know what this is called yet.
Jonathan: [00:00:22] We'll think about that.
Hi, my name is Jonathan Bowers. I am a software developer and entrepreneur based in Kamloops, and I'm helping Angela launch a healthcare startup.
Angela: [00:00:32] I'm Angela Hapke. I am the CEO of Central Referral Solutions, the company that is launching a digital health startup product by the name of Clinnect
Jonathan: [00:00:44] So what is this podcast about?
Angela: [00:00:46] This podcast is going to be a lot about the journey that we're on launching Clinnect. But I also think that for me, it's a really interesting journey because we are launching a startup against a lot of odds.
uh, the CEO, myself as a female,
we are launching it in Kamloops, British Columbia, it's a social enterprise our age.
Jonathan: [00:01:14] Okay.
Angela: [00:01:15] when you take a look at the stats, it's pretty astounding how many founders are not over the age of something like 35.
Jonathan: [00:01:23] What is considered the geriatric stage of startup founderdom
Angela: [00:01:27] which would be the first time that I've been called geriatric. Because I had children late also, so I got to be geriatric pregnancy. And now with geriatric tech founder,
Um also a nontechnical.
Jonathan: [00:01:43] Well, that's why I'm here.
Angela: [00:01:44] No, I know. Yes. Thank goodness. My hope is to kind of come out and say, Hey, we're trying and look at all the reasons that we shouldn't do this because there's so many, but instead we're going to try and we're going to talk about that process and we're going to be vulnerable along the journey and, have meaningful conversations.
So. I guess if you're listening to this, um, and you want to build a billion dollar company and become a rocket ship, you should probably go find another
Jonathan: [00:02:16] There's a bunch of other podcasts out there
Yeah. If you're, if you're a geriatric woman in Kamloops BC wanting to start a healthcare technology startup, this is your podcast.
Angela: [00:02:26] This is for you?
Jonathan: [00:02:29] uh, are we going to have any interviews?
Angela: [00:02:32] Oh, I think so. I hope so.
I have some really cool people hear it and they're like, Hey. I want to come on. Wouldn't that be cool. Instead of us being like, please.
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